We’re Really Going to Blog This Time!

It’s been over two years since my mom and I jumped head first into this business of helping others liquidate stuff. There is no glamorous way of saying it. It’s stuff. Bought and *sometimes* treasured year after year. A lot of the time, we hear people say, “I didn’t know I had all of this!” or, “How did this happen?!” We meet with people, whether it be their house, or their parents’ house, who are self-proclaimed ‘neat freaks’, and never have even a hint of a dirt speck looming around, until they decide, either on their own terms or not, that they need to move. They just don’t need ‘this big space’ and ‘all these things’ to keep up with. When we meet with them, they are often in flux, standing in the middle of pile after pile, wondering how it got to “this”.

The other thing they don’t know is how all this stuff will go away. If they could just snap their fingers and it could be gone — what a relief that would be!

Then we come in, and say,

We are your finger snap!

They look confused, yet slightly relieved, now wondering, “how will you do it all?”

“With good help and a lot of sweat!”

Back to us jumping into this business, and me really slacking with blog-writing. It is my goal in this 3rd year to be more consistent with posting on this blog. I’d like to post different things we find in our buyout services, and before-and-after’s of our estate sales, buyouts, and trash-outs. Showing exactly what it is we do! The behind-the-scenes, almost-always-dirty jobs we get ourselves into, and gladly! So, get ready, ’cause here comes the no-holds-barred roller coaster ride of ACE Estate Solutions!


Posted by Deanna Stallings, co-owner & operator of ACE Estate Solutions, LLC.

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3 thoughts on “We’re Really Going to Blog This Time!

  1. Katherine Huffstetler

    Yay Dee….we are so proud of you and your mom…what an excellent service you provide…
    If you are not familiar with this company…they are top notch. ..they do a complete job …their aim is to help you handle that overwhelming task of…”what are we going to do with all of this stuff?” Give them a call. …

  2. Sharon Driscoll

    I am so glad you decided to do it!! I am so grateful to have found you!! This stuff has been my passion for awhile but only for myself
    Now I have decided to open a booth at Gaston Pickers and do something I love!!
    Keep up the good work

    1. Debbie Whittaker

      Your team is amazing. I have been blessed by your team and services. Your patience and understanding is awesome. The way you organize, price and sale our loved ones belongings is remarkable. I’m so happy I chose your team. Great job to everyone


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