The Magic of a Great Estate Sale

How is it possible? What makes a great estate sale happen? How is it that people line up to “buy that stuff”?

These are questions that we hear day in and day out. Our answer is: It all hinges on a number of factors.

I’ll provide more info on this below, but I want to begin with a disclaimer that not all estate sales are created equal. Not all circumstances are either. That is why we provide different options like Buyouts and Trash-Outs – to help people in situations that may not be conducive to an estate sale.

I’m not going to number these factors, and they are not in any particular order, either. I truly believe it takes a collaborative effort, and a combination of circumstances, to form a Perfect Storm of an awesome estate sale.



A lot of people I meet with have no idea that estates sales can work very well off of the sheer amount of items for sale. We will be doing our walk-through during the first consultation, and they may say, “I have already gone through and gotten rid of the junk.” I try not to cringe at these statements, as a lot of times, it’s the “junk” that people will wait in line for to buy! Volume is a positive factor when there are so many different types of items people can come and buy. There could be 50 people in line waiting to get in the door, and they could all be after different things. Even if they are after the same things, and they miss out because someone else claimed it, it’s natural that they will find something else to buy because they are already there.



Unique Items

Being different isn’t a bad thing if you are an item at an estate sale. You will catch the eye of people who are used to seeing the same old thing while going through listings.

This guy below got his share of attention on our sale listing! He was a hat display for a clothing store, and in this case, being different paid off!



Location, Location, Location!

This factor can be key to having a successful sale. Someone who has never even heard of an estate sale can be driving down a busy road and see the sign with ESTATE SALE in bold, the arrow pointing in the direction of the event, the line of people out the door. This can draw that person in. This person pulls over, manages to find a spot the car can squeeze into, and wander into an experience like none other before… “I never knew about these things!”   “Who would’ve thought I could get great deals like this for items this nice?!”  “I’ve been looking for a piece of furniture like this for the longest time!”  These are just some comments we hear quite often! All because someone was driving along and saw the sign.


The House

In the case of our sale this past weekend, the house drew a lot of people in. It’s a grand, historic house that people would admire driving by everyday. Some people had shown up just to take a look inside. They ended up buying a few clothes that were new-with-tag, or buying a piece that reminded them of their grandmother’s house. This house brought more people to the sale!



Sense of Urgency

Let’s take a retail department store, for example. When they do sales, it’s ONE DAY ONLY – EXTRA 50% OFF! Or you get “bucks” to go toward your next purchase – IF it’s within a certain range of dates.

When people shop at an estate sale, they are aware that the inventory is only available for that deal for when the sale is open. They also may know, or will learn quickly, that if a decision is not made right away, or if they put off purchasing something, that item could very well be gone when they come back to buy it. This sense of urgency is such an important aspect to an estate sale. If you don’t pull the trigger, somebody else will!


Professional Liquidator

Last, but NOT LEAST – a professional who conducts sales year-round, who has a following of regular customers, ways to advertise, and a handle on how to price all the items – this is very important to having a successful sale! We consider things that wouldn’t normally come up – like traffic flow, check-out, a hold area, parking. We go through it ALL, and determine on a case-by-case basis the best way to have a successful sale. We put a great team in place with the tools to succeed. We handle any hiccups that may arise with professionalism, and we stick to our guns!


If you are going through a situation where you are making decisions where stuff goes – call us. We can help you through this process. We know you are going through so much already; we want to help take away the stress of this monumental task.



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