The Art of Repurposing

The Art of Repurposing

In a world where vintage finds are all the rage, it is amazing when we find that perfect piece that will fit in so well in our homes. But, if you can find “it”, what do you do?

That’s where repurposing comes in. Taking a neglected or almost perfect piece and making it what you truly want for your space. Repurposing comes in many forms, it can be as simple as turning an old mirror into a table top, or it can be as involved as stripping, repainting, and replacing hardware to make a piece your true one of a kind find!



When it comes to vintage costume jewelry there are so many ways to repurpose your finds. Taking these unique and often eye catching pieces and turning them into something special is a great way to repurpose them. Using brooches, for example, to decorate wedding bouquets or garner headbands for children is a great way to honor these classic pieces.


Other ways to incorporate our Estate Sale finds into jewelry are by using things like old posters, stamps, and maps to make one of a kind pieces. You can transform any paper item into a beautiful statement piece. Incorporating maps into jewelry can be representative of your favorite places to visit, or those places you have always aspired to travel. Think outside the box on how to use these items.


Outdoor pieces

When it comes to outdoor repurposing there are endless possibilities! Taking a birdbath or concrete column, adding a glass top and upcycling it into a patio table is a great reuse for an otherwise overlooked outdoor piece.


If you are considering sending your birdbath to the trash because the bowl is cracked and won’t hold water, DON’T DO IT! Sand, paint and turn it into a planter for your favorite annuals. The cracks in the bowl will allow moisture to move away from the plants and help them to have a longer lifespan.

You can also use a bright colored outdoor spray paint to better match your décor and bring new life to concrete (or wrought iron patio furniture). Colors that are currently trending for outdoor patios include mint, plum, bright red, caribbean blue, lemon yellow, shades of orange and classic black. Try a high gloss outdoor spray paint for a more dramatic finish.


Indoor furniture

Large furniture pieces can be some of the most impactful items in your home. By taking an older or neglected piece and making it one of a kind, you are not only helping to save it from the landfill, but you are also creating a conversation piece for your space. Most commonly people purchase dressers, armoires, and chests to refinish but other unique items can be useful too. For larger spaces you can look into refinishing a bar, poker table, or dining furniture to suit your needs. Our Estate Sales offer unique pieces for purchase, at great prices. Check with us frequently (our website and social media) to see what our current sales have to offer.

Dressers before

dressers after

We hope to see what pieces you find at our Estate Sales that you can make uniquely your own. Share pictures to our Instagram page @aceestatesolutions using the hashtags #chaseaceestate and #repurposed. We can’t wait to see your creatively repurposed items. See you at the next Estate Sale.


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